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Flat Feet


I have flat feet, Podiatrists hear this on a daily basis. Pes Planus is a term podiatrists use to describe a foot that has a flattened arch. There are a...

Taking care of your feet – In the Office


Common problems for office workers Our feet bear an enormous burden of daily living. Often we think working in an office exempts us from injuries to our feet and lower...

The Ultimate Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide


...your heel Increase barefoot activity Increase ankle flexibility Wearing flat, less supportive shoes Strengthening the muscles in the foot and leg Stretching and massage for the legs and feet Step...

Why would I need orthotics?


...upon them by the body. Excessively flat feet (pronation) is often a common biomechanical concern. This movement can cause the alignment of the leg joints to function differently. As a...

Why do I need to see a podiatrist?


...recommended. 5. Flat feet Flat feet or over pronation (low arches) may place abnormal load or over load various structures in the body and can result in functional pain in...

The Importance Of Foot Health With Pivotal Motion Podiatry


...Podiatrist for: Returning to exercise Diabetes Heel pain limiting your activities Ingrown toenail Flat feet Painful corn or callus Painful bunion General foot health and / or advice How can...

The Perfect Shoe


different for everyone. Some feet will withstand poorly made footwear better than others. Some feet will do nicely with minimal support, whilst others will become painful very quickly if they...

This month is about all things ‘running’ as we build into the running festival season!!

21/05/2016 Pivotal Motion Podiatry blog. Been told you have flat feet? If you have and you get sore feet when you run; try this taping technique. It’d designed to correct...

Plantar Fasciitis


...stages the pain can fade throughout the day. If it is ignored, the condition can get worse. It may get to the point where any activity on the feet can...