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Our Orthotic Process

Here at Pivotal Motion we have a step-by-step process for the design, delivery and fitting of orthotics. This three-step process is followed by every patient prescribed orthotics. Below is a breakdown of the each of the steps and what you can expect at each stage.

When you call up the clinic to make an appointment please let our reception staff know that you’re coming inquire about orthotics. If you forget that’s ok! Our reception staff will be asking whether you are booking for orthotics or general podiatry care. This is because if you are a new patient we need to allow an hour for the first appointment to ensure there is enough time to get all the information we need.

Click on the flow chart image on the right to get an easy overview on the Orthotic Process. Read our detailed explanation below.

Step 1: Biomechanical Assessment (118) + New (004) or Existing (012) Consultation Fee ~45mins

Code/Costs: 118 $80 + 004 $85 (or) 012 $65= $145-$165

The first step in the process is a consultation with myself to really work out what your issues are and come to resolution as to what about your feet is a contributing factor. As part of this consultation I also conduct a biomechanical assessment and 3D scan of your feet. From this I can pick up particular faults in your biomechanics which require correction, whilst the scan provides a mould from which the orthotics are made.

The scans of your feet are forwarded to our orthotics provider in Sydney. We get a shipment of orthotics in each week. Normal turnaround from the scan to receiving your orthotics is 2 weeks. When we receive them we send you a text notifying you of their arrival so you can make an appointment for that week.

Step 2: Collection of Orthotics (2 x 221) + Consultation Fee (012) $65 ~25-30 mins

Code/Costs: 2 x 221 (2 x $220) $440 + 012 $65 = $505

This appointment is obviously for you to pick up your orthotics. We do need to come in however to make sure the orthotics fit the shoes you plan to wear them with. So it’s important for you to bring your shoes to the appointment with you; be it runners or work shoes. This way I can make little adjustments on the spot so they fit your shoes and you can start wearing them immediately.

Step 3: 4-Week Review of Orthotics- Brief Consultation Fee (010) $40  ~10-15 mins

With orthotics you are changing the way your feet are supported so they can cause some short term discomfort. I like to do a review of your feet about a month after getting your orthotics to make sure we are getting the changes we wanted and to check you don’t have any complaints. After that it should be smooth sailing. I usually check in every 12 months to make sure everything is going ok.