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Our Orthotic Process

Pivotal Motion Podiatry has a 3 step process for the design, delivery and fitting of in-shoe orthotic.

The aim of our orthotic process is to provide a clear pathway for our valued clients.

Below is a breakdown of the each of the steps and what you can expect at each stage.

When you call the clinic to make an appointment please let our reception staff know that you’re coming to enquire about getting some orthotics. If you forget that’s ok! Our reception staff will be asking whether you are booking for orthotics or general podiatry care.

If you are a new patient we need to allow an hour for the first appointment to ensure enough time to get all of the information we need.

Click on the flow chart image on the right to get an easy overview of the Orthotic Process. Read our detailed explanation below.

Step 1: Biomechanical Assessment (118) + New (004) or Existing (012) Consultation Fee ~45mins

Code/Costs: 118 $80 + 004 $85 (or) 012 $65= $145-$165

The first step in the process is a consultation with our podiatrist to assess your foot and lower limb function, identify any foot pathology and develop a treatment plan.  At this consultation a biomechanical assessment is completed including a 3D scan of your feet. The scan provides a digital 3D image of your feet from which the orthotics are designed and moulded to.

The 3D images of your feet are sent to our orthotics provider in Sydney. We receive a shipment of orthotics each week. The normal turnaround time from the scan to receiving your orthotics is 2 weeks. When we receive the orthotics we send you a text message notifying you of their arrival so you can make an appointment with the podiatrist.

Step 2: Collection of Orthotics (2 x 221) + Consultation Fee (012) $65 ~25-30 mins

Code/Costs: 2 x 221 (2 x $220) $440 + 012 $65 = $505

At this appointment the orthotics are fitted to your feet and footwear. A consultation with the podiatrist is essential at this step to ensure the orthotics are achieving what they are supposed to and to allow for small adjustments to be made. Please make sure you bring the shoes you plan to wear the orthotics in. See our Perfect Shoe page for details about footwear suitable for orthotics.

Step 3: 4-Week Review of Orthotic- Brief Consultation Fee (010) $40  ~10-15 mins

Once you have had a chance to wear your orthotics for a few weeks it is essential to review the fit and function. Orthotics alter the position of your feet in your footwear and we can expect some short term discomfort. This review is to make sure we are achieving the outcomes we expected. We also need to check you don’t have any issues with the orthotics. Following this appointment we expect you to contact us if you have any issues with your feet or orthotics and return for a review of your orthotics in around 12 months.