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Enhanced Primary Care – Bulk Billing Podiatrist

The road to recovery can be longer than we expect, as we don’t often realise the full extent of our injuries, or what is required to correct them. As a result, ongoing sessions and even referrals to other health professionals can be required in order to achieve optimal health and fitness. For those who suffer from a chronic injury or illness, which is identified as having been present or expected to be present for over six months, regular appointments and sessions can be expensive. Thankfully, in conjunction with Medicare, Pivotal Motion Podiatry is able to bulk bill a number of sessions to help you recover without injuring your wallet.

Under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) section of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (formerly known as the Enhanced Primary Care scheme), medical rebates are available for individuals who suffer from illnesses or injuries that require treatments from multiple health professionals. Podiatry is included within this framework, meaning that patients can claim medical rebates for up to five sessions per calendar year through Pivotal Motion Podiatry. In order to be eligible, patients must receive a CDM/ EPC referral from their GP, and follow the CDM guidelines. Government and Medicare websites can provide information regarding these rebate schemes.

Key points about us bulk billing podiatry when you have this plan:

  • A Medicare rebate is available for a maximum of five services per patient each calendar year. Additional services are not possible in any circumstances.

  • A chronic condition is one that has been existing for greater then 6 months.  For example diabetes; musculoskeletal conditions; and stroke.

Please note that if Medicare fails to pay for your appointment we will need to charge you as the patient for the time spent with the podiatrist.  There can a variety of reasons why this may happen including having already used up the 5 allocated appointments with other allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists.