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Grant Stevens

Previous Pivotal Motion Podiatrist

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Grant in February 2017 moved on from Pivotal Motion Podiatry to take on a managerial role with Mobile Rehab.  From the rest of the team at Pivotal Motion, we wish him all the very best for this position as strongly suits his professional goals and ambitions.  It was a pleasure having Grant work with us – the fishing stories never ceased!

Grant started his professional life in 2002 after immigrating to the United Kingdom from South Africa. Grant started initially in the British Military.  After completing his service, Grant entered the insurance industry as a sales executive and quickly began to climb the ranks being promoted to Branch Manager in 2009.

Grant soon realized he had a desire to continue studying and after extensively researching a variety of medical degrees he settled on Podiatry.  In 2014 Grant graduated from New College Durham with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in Podiatric Medicine, which includes Prescription only medicine (POMS), Local Analgesia and Advance Life support.

Grant has started with us and has completely taken on the Podiatry side of our multidisciplinary clinic. Grant has a particular passion for diabetes, Bio-Mechanics and wound management.  As a skilled and experienced professional Grant will bring high quality as well as consistent care for all of our podiatry patients.